101 ways to use Skyway

Find the Right Opportunities

1. Review your NAICS Codes

2. Review and/or recommend updates to your SAM registration

3. Contracting Officer’s review of your Mission & Vision statements

4. Contracting Officer’s critical review of your website

5. Review or develop content for “government landing webpage”

6. Identify your target government customer

7. “Validate” and confirm the target agencies you picked yourself

8. Develop capability statement for target agency

9. Create government-targeted content for your website

10. Conduct “Deep Dive” in your target agency(ies)

11. Develop Target Market Plan

12. Review and assess past performance record

13. Develop Past Performance references

14. Draft Targeted Capabilities Statements for Teaming partners

15. Review status of Small Business certifications

16. Develop plan to capitalize on your small business status

17. Help you submit for 8(a), SDVOSB, HUBZone, etc certs

18. Develop and submit a FOIA request

19. Review your Go/No Go strategy for prime contract opportunities

20. Review your Go/No Go strategy for subcontract opportunities

21. Assess (or develop) your opportunity pipeline

22. Maintain your opportunity pipeline

23. Develop plan for best use of your GSA contract(s)

Compete and Win Contracts

24. Plan, manage and/or write your proposals

25. Review & validate company, team, and proposal differentiators

26. Help you qualify (or disqualify) opportunities

27. Review your proposal development capacity and capability

28. Assess “coop-etition” framework (primes vs subs)

29. Develop (or review) your capture and shaping processes

30. Conduct Gap Analysis for your target RFPs (and help develop teaming partner plan to fill these gaps)

31. Assess strength of teaming partner strategy for a specific RFP

32. Build, review and/or improve your Proposal Library

33. Get COs’ perspective of your teaming agreements

34. Review and assess Task Order proposal process

35. Write a targeted and effective response to an RFI

36. Review Draft RFPs to provide meaningful and strategic questions

37. Assess clause-risk in a targeted RFP

38. Help develop and/or reveal Win Themes for a targeted RFP

39. Create proposal graphics

40. Create a proposal compliance matrix and checklist

41. Create a proposal schedule for a specific opportunity

42. Write or review white papers in response to BAAs

43. Support proposal Pricing Volume reviews

44. Contracting Officer “Color Team” proposal reviews

45. Advise on responses to Competitive Range Determination

46. Advise on and develop responses to Evaluation Notices

47. Prepare for a debriefing

48. Assess value and insights of a debriefing

49. Contracting Officer review of your Debriefing Library

50. Review Proposal Compensation Plans

51. Review (or establish) Debriefing Knowledge Bank

52. Update and maintain Debriefing Knowledge Bank

53. Review or assist with post-award execution plan

54. Review award documents to recommend protest (or not)

Execute (and administer the contract)

55. Help you respond to the “Uh oh. What do I do now?” letter or email you got from your government customer

56. Prepare for Contract Kick Off

57. Assess the health of your active government contract

58. Assess & improve your relationships with government customer

59. Review and/or document Post-Award contract management processes

60. Review your subcontracting plan from a CO’s perspective

61. Provide ‘backstop’ advisory support for contract manager(s)

62. Review and assess Task Order Execution Plans

63. Assess (or develop) your Subcontract Management Plan

64. Review application and impact of Wage Determinations

65. Review service level agreements (SLAs)

66. Conduct Mock DCMA Pre-award survey)

67. Review and assess health of your GSA schedule contracts

68. Prepare for a GSA Audit

69. Prepare for a “touchy” visit from your government customers (or to prepare for negotiations)

70. Help set up and/or manage performance-based payments

71. Support invoice submittals in Wide Area Work Flow

72. Review current contract clauses to ensure compliance

73. Review your CPARS response and submittal

74. Write your CDRL submittals

75.Review your contracts to recommend modifications

76. Review your contract ‘backlog’ to ensure successful execution ours)

 One on One or Custom Training

77. Training on basic through advanced rules on competition

78. Coach Exec Team on key risks and opportunities in federal market

79. Assess & improve your communication with government

80. Training on basic through advanced types of contracts

81. Training on acquisition core basics and advanced topics

82. Training on contract administration do’s and don’ts

83. Training on invoicing processes and rules

84. Training on ethics, Procurement Integrity Act, etc.

85. Training on Service Contract Labor Standards, etc.

86. Training for employees who are new to government contracts

87. Ad-hoc, as -needed personal B2G coaching and mentoring

88. Training on the “government rules” for your sales team

 Strategic Planning

89. Assess (or develop) strategic plan to grow government sales

90. Review long term plan (i.e. post-Small Business Strategy)

91. Contracting Officer review of impact and viability of your marketing plan

92. Assess the diversity and health of your contract base

93. Review “Contract Waterfall” plan

94. Review the strength of your “B2G Ecosystem” (pipeline, capture, proposal capability, legal, accounting, access to capital, etc.

95. Review long-term targeting plan for large IDIQ contracts

96. Review (or develop) your Enterprise Capture Strategy

97. Review (or develop) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Process to develop and sustain relationships in target agencies

98. Recommend best use of ISO certs on government contracts

99. Assess organizational capability to deliver on contracts

100. Review prime contractor reputation (past performance, quick payments to subcontractors, adequate work share, etc.

101. Answer the question: Should MY COMPANY be in the government contracts market?


Learn About the Skyway Community


  • Bethany Burton, Business Development/Government Proposals, Evergreen Fire and Security

    “As a Government sector proposal professional wearing multiple hats from coordinating to writing, I have to be very selective in my time to invest into training and development. I get so many emails from training providers offering free webinars or proposal advice. It often gets hard to sift through all the content as I determine if it will be worth my time to invest.  Skyway is one of just a few organizations that every time I read a blog entry or listen to a webinar/podcast I always get useful information. Additionally, having information from a Contracting Officer’s perspective has transformed the way I do my job. This is reflected in the content I produce from Sources Sought responses to Government proposal submissions. I find it so beneficial to my personal development that I personally invested into my Community membership.”

  • Mona Singleton, PMP

    “Skyway Acquisition Solutions shines in the complex area of government contracting. Skyway contracting experts can be trusted to provide timely, accurate, relevant information direct from the FAR and other authoritative sources. Keep up the outstanding work Skyway!”

  • Chris Baden, Myakka Research Group

    “It’s great to be accepted into a community of such experienced and talented people.  I look forward to learning as much as I can from your team and your abundant community resources.  You’ve built an impressive organization and I have confidence Skyway Acquisition Solutions will play a significant role in our success in providing our technologies to federal end users.”

  • Jim Duffey, CEO, Greytek

    “Skyway is/was a major player in our ability to pursue contracts and opportunities a company our size would normally shy away from!”

  • Melina Cardenas, South Mountain Builders, Proposal Writer/Manager

    “The service has been truly wonderful.  I think you have all done a tremendous job. I’ve read through the blog posts, listened to the podcast and webinars and your content is really great. And the customer service has been awesome. I honestly don’t have any suggestions or additional feedback. Thanks for all that you’ve done!”

  • Sarah, Program Manager, SBA – Entities Making Huge Strides for Small Businesses

    “In my continued efforts in trying to promote small businesses, I’d like to offer some kudos to certain entities.  These entities include agencies themselves, consultants, major corporations, and a couple of small businesses achieving huge success through tried and true methods.  So, while my pat on the back may or may not mean much, I can say that the accomplishments of these entities do mean a lot.  Skyway Acquisition Solutions: There are several fantastic consultants out there, but Skyway Acquisitions really brings a lot to the table.  Composed entirely of former contracting officers, the team has brought so much great information and help to the contracting arena.  Notes of interest the Contracting Officer Podcast — it’s free, and it provides amazing, very specific information.  Key point of interest for me was actually in their testimonials; so many of them are local to Skyway — showing a close connection — AND when you look them up, the companies ARE succeeding in the government market.  They are producing, not just obtaining IDIQs.  I also highly enjoy the fact that their goal is to educate throughout the process so that eventually, a contractor will not need them anymore.”

  • Kellie, Community Member

    “There’s a level of knowledge & awareness about what can be done on your own in government contracting, what a business needs assistance with, and who they can trust that I feel is wildly confusing to the Small Business Owner…and I feel a lot of companies who claim to be helping, aren’t. Or they don’t make it clear companies have options. I had been searching for a company that I can be comfortable referring folks to who will legitimately be of help in navigating the Federal Marketplace.  I was thrilled to find a company that not just talked the talk, but actually walked the walk with customer needs put ahead of money making opportunities. That, and I was hoping to read your blogs and learn things from the buyers’ perspective, rather than on the “bidding” end, which is where my experience lies.”

  •  Angelique S. Dimmick, Founder and Federal Contracts Strategist, Opes 360

    “Before joining the Skyway Acquisition Community, I relied solely on my 16+ years of knowledge and experience along with what I could find through NCMA and other internet research. I feared that joining the group would be a waste of money; I wouldn’t find value in the resources, and more importantly – I wouldn’t participate in the community. I was wrong.  I navigate the website with ease to find valuable information, communicate on the forum for advice and a deeper understanding of what I know, and enjoy the podcasts and webinars regularly to expand my knowledge.  The community of contracting experts eager to share IS the most beneficial part of joining Skyway. As a small business owner supporting other small businesses in the world of federal contracting, having the Skyway team of experienced resources to back me up and educate me brings peace of mind. I would tell my best friend that Skyway invests in the federal contracting community to improve the process and create partnership.  A phrase to describe Skyway is Ripple Effect!  Skyway enhances the extent of my expertise.  The community enables me to focus on what I do best so that I can help my clients focus on what they do best. Thank you.”

  • Wendy Frieman, Vice President of Proposal Management

    “All proposal managers in the federal market would benefit from the incisive and practical information that is available through participation in the Skyway Acquisition community. The perspective of contracting officers is largely missing from our profession, despite the fact that the COs often determine the fate of the proposals we put our blood, sweat and tears into. Kevin and his colleagues take complicated clauses and regulations and break them down in a way that is easy to understand. The knowledge I have gained from being part of this community vastly outstrips any that I ever got from formal proposal training.”

  • Julie Matthews, Proposal Writer, Acierto LLC and South Mountain Builders

    “Skyway helped me to write a proposal I felt really good about.  Shelley was very responsive.  I didn’t get held up in my progress waiting for her review and comments. She gave me some great ideas on “telling the story” so that the contracting officers wouldn’t have to dig for information.  She made sure I provided information required by the RFP.  Vicky did a second review and gave me some really great constructive edits.”

  • Vinny Raj, Managing Director, Digilent Consulting

    “Thank you for the email and input (on a capability statement review) – this is exactly what I needed. I’ve asked and gotten some feedback from folks but most just have responded that it looks nice (not very helpful).”

  •  Jim Duffey, CEO, Greytek LLC:

    “Kevin and his team at Skyway Acquisition Solutions helped direct our focus from commercial opportunities to longer-term Government efforts. Skyway has made it possible for our small, start-up business to write three proposals in two months saving us thousands of dollars and better yet, WINNING our first prime contract in less than three months of joining Skyway as a community member. Meeting deadlines and answering all RFP requirements would not have been possible without the Skyway team assisting our efforts.”

  • Christina (community member)

    “I would first like to say “THANK YOU & YOU GUYS ARE A GODSEND!” I am a new Contracts Specialist (4months) and started my acquisition career as an intern for 2 years. I am already Level II certified but transitioning to a buying office is challenging.  I wanted to get the pre-award experience which is extremely overwhelming for all the reasons you two know so well. Out of my desire to soak up as much knowledge as quickly as impossible, I stumbled across your podcast. It is awesome and I find you two really entertaining. I must have listened to well over half the podcasts so far. Please continue to share your insight and advice especially for us “newbies.”

  •  Jenny Clark, Solvability:

    “Thanks Kevin for the tip on using the Advanced Search features in USASpending.gov! I had no idea I could pull information on such specific targets. In your webinar (Target It or Forget It!), the key takeaways for me were about defining the reachable market, drilling down to the target market, and then asking if this is the right size opportunity we could win or lose, without derailing the company. That applies to every company!”

  • Esmaeil-Hooman Banaei, Ph.D., Founder, CEO, Flex Optronix Technologies, LLC:

    “It was a great pleasure for me to meet you all and work with your team on this project. It will not be our last project with Skyway. I think it was just a start. You contributed considerably with your thoughtful questions and comments, things that are not limited to proposal preparation. We will definitely keep you posted and will ask for more help.”

  • Sean Williams, President, OT9 Design, LLC:

    “I recommend the RFP Score to any company targeting the federal market. It simplifies our decision process by helping us quickly decide whether we meet the criteria to compete. It’s a quick decision maker. The RFP Score saves my company a LOT of time and money. It gives us more time to focus on our clients.”

  • Greg Celestan, CEO, Celestar Corporation

    “I would definitely recommend Skyway. I have the utmost respect for their expertise and integrity. In addition, as a business owner, they are going to help you be effective, save money and win work…and that’s really what it’s all about.”

  • Nigel Pearson, VP of Sales and Marketing,  AJ’s Power Source:

    “AJ’s Power Source, Inc. (AJPS) is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VSOB) catering to niche Military power applications. In the past, AJPS has catered to tier one government contractors and not directly to DoD contracts. However, when a very specific power supply solicitation hit our sweet spot, we could not let it fall by the wayside. After looking through the 60 page Government RFP, the AJPS team realized that we needed some direction. This direction was provided by the very capable Skyway Acquisition team. As we worked through the solicitation together – AJPS supplying the technical aspects and Skyway Acquisition the written – we quickly realized the help provided by Kevin Jans and his team was necessary to win the contract. And with the extra support provided by Skyway Acquisition, win the contract is just what we did.”

  • Garth Arevelo, President. Lukos LLC:

    “Kevin’s knowledge of government acquisition, contracting, and business processes is superb. Further, he is very easy to work with – innovative, articulate, motivated, trustworthy and personable. His team’s advice and services are very valuable assets to any company looking to expand their business in the federal marketplace.”

  • Natalie Bonner, VP, Contracts & Pricing, Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting, Inc.:

    “The professionalism and expertise of the Skyway Team has elevated our acquisition and procurement processes, allowed us to mitigate potential risks factors, and increased our proposal production without compromise of quality. Their knowledge, expertise and counsel in government contracting has allowed us to expand our business development strategies, which has resulted in increased opportunities of revenue generation. Access to Skyway’s knowledgeable staff of former Contracting Officers has proven to be very beneficial as we continue to navigate the complexities of the government contracting arena.”

  • Anthony Quartararo, President & CEO,  Spatial Networks:

    “Kevin and his team at Skyway Acquisition Solutions helped us bootstrap our Bids and Proposals process, in addition to helping guide us through our first real Government proposal in response to an RFP. His team was instrumental in helping us meet the short-term proposal deadline, working through pricing strategies and making sure that all RFP requirements were met with adequate time for iterative reviews and discussion.”

  • Jenny Clark, Solvability:

    “This is exactly why I recommend you to people – because you are providing the information to help them with their strategy. The main message I find myself saying is this: “You know how you have questions about items in an RFP but the question period has passed – Kevin is the guy that can help you with those issues.”

  • Jim Levine, President, Regency Technologies:

    “The level of professionalism was exceptional and the quality of the work was everything we could have hoped for. The follow up and attention to detail were critical to keeping us on track and ultimately resulted in a best in class proposal. I would highly recommend Skyway to anyone who feels a need to engage an outside firm to help with advanced proposal preparation services.”

  • Megan Fonte, UDC USA:

    “As a member of the Skyway Community, I have found the interactiveness of the community to be a very resourceful tool. The Ask a Contracting Officer Forum allows me to get answers to our questions right away in order to more effectively manage my contracts. The FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) is a very complicated set of regulations. Skyway puts the FAR into terms that are understandable and make more sense.”