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Does the government contracts world make sense to you? It does to us.  It seems crazy to some folks, but we love the nuances and complexity of the Government market.

What if you had a team of former contracting officers in your corner?

Membership gives you a team of former contracting officers on call to guide you throughout the sales process: from targeting and shaping, to proposals and post award contract management. The value of the Skyway Community compounds over time as you apply more and more of our insight to your strategy. The Skyway Community is packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building, running and growing your government contracts, PLUS the community support you need to keep moving to the next level.

Without understanding the government’s perspective of how the buying decision is made, you risk running into process fouls and road blocks, and thereby squander opportunities, lower your win rate and push your growth targets further into the future. The key to winning is to proactively avoid these challenges rather than simply muscling through them as they occur (like many of your competitors do).

I’m Kevin Jans. After 16 years as a Department of Defense contracting officer, I realized my true calling was helping others excel in this market. In 2011, I combined my passion for navigating government contracts with my excitement for helping companies to understand the market from both sides. I founded Skyway Acquisition Solutions to guide people through the increasingly complex process of competing for government contracts. I built Skyway on the premise that no one knows the government acquisition system better than those contracting officers and buyers who managed it from the inside. Over the years, we’ve built a team of rock star former contracting officers and other experts who bring a combination of critically valuable insights and experience to help you. Our team has experience with nearly every type of contract in nearly every acquisition process…they know this market, collectively, better than anyone. Period.

In 2014, we decided that in order to help even more people, we created the Skyway Community to serve as a platform for collecting the combined knowledge and experience of our team of former Contracting Officers. The Community helps more people to thrive in the government market than we could doing consulting alone. Five years in, with hundreds of engaged and successful members, the Community continues to be our focal point. We absolutely love spending our days creating content, answering questions, moderating discussions, providing coaching and consulting, and general supporting our members as they excel on their path as government contractors (or subcontractors).

The Skyway Community is the source for the training, advice, context and support you need to target, shape, win and manage your government contracts.

 The Skyway Community helps you:

Target the right opportunities.

Capture and shape them.

Know when to walk away from them.

Build proposals to win them.

Manage the contracts after you win.

Time is your most valuable resource. You cannot get it back or create more of it. Being a Skyway member accelerates your government contract success. Invest in your success now, or wait another year, another month, another day, and hope you succeed in the government market (that’s what your competitors are doing).

Personal membership is $100/month.

However, you can get a 5 day free trial by going to


What our members say…

“You guys have definitely proven to be invaluable.” Paul Schlee, The Buffalo Group

Thanks Skyway, I wish I would have signed up for your services long before now.  You give me the confidence to make the important decisions in real time.”  Parish Morris, CEO, Document Security Solutions

Being a member of the Skyway Community is a competitive advantage”. Steve Goldsby, CEO, Integrated Computer Solutions

 “Kevin and his team at Skyway Acquisition Solutions helped direct our focus from commercial opportunities to longer-term Government efforts. Skyway has made it possible for our small, start-up business to write three proposals in two months saving us thousands of dollars and better yet, WINNING our first prime contract in less than three months of joining Skyway as a community member. Meeting deadlines and answering all RFP requirements would not have been possible without the Skyway team assisting our efforts.” Jim Duffey, CEO, Greytek LLC

As a member of the Skyway Community, I have found the interactiveness of the community to be a very resourceful tool. The Ask a Contracting Officer Forum allows me to get answers to our questions right away in order to more effectively manage my contracts. The FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) is a very complicated set of regulations. Skyway puts the FAR into terms that are understandable and make more sense.Megan Fonte, UDC USA


The Skyway Community is not a fit for everyone. Let’s figure out whether it’s for you now, BEFORE you join, rather than risk wasting your time.

The Skyway Community is for:

  • Commercial business owners who want to expand into the government market
  • Government prime contractors who want to accelerate their growth and take their business to the next level
  • Government subcontractors who want to move up to being prime contractors.
  • Employees of any of the above who want to rock at their job.
  • Professionals who want to compound their investment by using our tools, content, resources, insight and interactive Community to thrive as a government contractor.

The Skyway Community is NOT for:

  • People who are looking for a get rich quick strategy.
  • People who think government contracting is, or should be, easy.
  • Idea chasers – if you constantly change direction and look for the instant success, the Community will not be a fit.
  • People who want a quick fix.
  • People who want to outsource their business.
  • People who want guaranteed results. We know this works (our members have won nearly $2 BILLION in contracts), but we do not guarantee specific results. No one can. And no one should.

We take the value of the Skyway Community seriously. If it’s not a fit for you, there is no benefit to you or our members for you to join. We focus on our members being successful…and that success starts by ensuring the Skyway Community is right for you before you join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be here to help me after I win?

We are committed to helping you as much as you are committed to succeeding. We enable contractors of all sizes, in all industries to succeed as government contractors. Once you win the contract, you will have folks to guide you through the contract management phase too, including invoicing, CPARS challenges, option exercises, requests for equitable adjustments, contract modifications, and negotiations. You won’t be alone after you win.

I’m new to the government market. Is this a fit for me?

The Skyway Community serves contractors at all levels, in all industries. We built the Community, including the tools, content and forums based on input and requirements from our members. We serve them all.

I’m a seasoned government contractor. Is this a fit for me?

As stated above, Skyway is a fit regardless of where you are in your government contractor journey. Many large firms become Skyway Community members because they have been using the same processes for decades and can’t understand why they are no longer winning contracts. Skyway keep them up to date and ahead of their competition.

Is all the content available immediately or is it released over time to members)?

All Skyway content is immediately available as soon as you join. We add to it constantly based on member requests.

Can I get one-on-one help and support?

Yes, we provide hourly consulting support to our members at discounted rates. Our team is available to provide coaching and consulting support in every area of government contracting, including business development, shaping, RFP review, proposal prep and delivery, negotiations, contract management, pricing, invoices, and all points in between.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.

I’m not sure the Skyway Community is right for me; can I talk to someone about it first?

Absolutely!  Just email and someone from our team will contact you or call us at 877-884-5280.