15 minutes. And only one direct, specific consulting counts. Not every email…

No worries. Business is flexible. So are we. Hours rollover for up to a year. We want to build a relationship with you and your company and have regular involvement in your success, even if it is just a couple 15 minute phone calls each month to troubleshoot problems and answer questions.

Have as much as you’d like. We bill you at the end of the month for your extra time.

Anything in GovCon. Targeting, shaping, proposals, training, contract management advice, help getting paid, past performance reviews, blue team reviews, pink team review, red team reviews, contract clause review, teaming agreement reviews, and more. If you want a contracting officer in the room…use your hours to get us there.

Yes. They are available as needed. Contact us after you join to get set up.

Our team of contracting officers is available round the clock for consulting support. Premium level memberships include consulting hours that accrue each month. Personal and Professional members can buy consulting hours “by the drink” at a discounted rate.

The entire Skyway Team has a wide variety of experience. You can work with anyone but it will vary depending on your specific needs. Once you know who you are working with you can contact them directly. Check out our team here!

We can create a custom membership to meet your company’s needs

Yes, you can change between levels at any time.

No contract. Join anytime. Cancel anytime. All we ask is that you tell us why. We understand that not everyone will stay in our community long term.