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  • Unlimited access to Ask a CO Forum© where you can post your questions anytime and get quick responses from our team
  • This Week in Government Contracting (TWIGC)© weekly emails
  • New monthly blogs and access to hundreds of blogs in our archive
  • Access to our training library with on-demand videos/webinars
  • Access to our toolkit with helpful resources and The CO’s Qualifying Questions™
  • Adhoc Consulting available

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    • 2 hours of consulting support each month

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    • Custom consulting support
    • Custom and interactive training

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Why you need a Skyway Community license

  1. Government contracting is hard, even when you’re doing it right
  2. Having a team of former Contracting Officers in your corner makes it easier to do things right the first time
  3. You know that “you don’t know what you don’t know” (Hint: see #1)
  4. Having a team of former Contracting Officers is a huge competitive advantage in the GovCon market
Why Skyway Acquisition?
  • Contracting Officers own the buying processes in GovCon
  • Skyway has a team of former Contracting Officers from various agencies and backgrounds
  • Skyway’s team is our assurance that we’re ready for any puzzle GovCon throws at us
  • Skyway’s support is available 24/7 through consulting and the “Ask a CO Forum”
  • We could just wait until bad things happen in our contracts then call our attorney…but this way is better, faster, and less expensive.
Why now?
  • Do we know what we want our acquisition strategy to be?
  • We already have contracts, so whom are we going to call when we run into a puzzle we can’t solve?
  • We want a team of former Contracting Officers on call BEFORE we need help
What if you don’t do this?
  • How much time have we already spent (wasted) trying to figure things out?
  • What if we’re already making missteps and missing opportunities? (Hint: see #1)