Skyway’s Contracting Officer Podcast 2.0 License Overview

The federal acquisition workforce faces significant challenges today, including high turnover, increasingly larger workloads, an expectation of faster awards, a lack of continuity as experienced employees retire, a growing need to adapt to absorb new knowledge and skills quickly to execute and meet their agency’s mission. To keep up, these acquisition professionals need training resources that are engaging, focused, relevant, actionable, and available on-demand, but that they will also choose to use.

The Contracting Officer Podcast 2.0 license meets that need by providing access to a new episode every week and over 450 past episodes on a variety of topics in government contracting. The Podcast 2.0 license also includes curated episode playlists, an interactive Podcast 2.0 Forum, and the ability to request specific topics as your agency needs them.

Since 2014, The Contracting Officer Podcast is the source for context in GovCon:

  1. Acquisition Professionals have downloaded our episodes over 1.5 million times
  2. Over 2,300 acquisition professionals joined The Contracting Officer Podcast Group on LinkedIn
  3. 59% of current Podcast 2.0 license holders are government employees
  4. Many contracting officers use the podcast to pass their contracting officer warrant board

The Contracting Officer Podcast 2.0 license is a training resource that is:

  • Concise: episodes are 30 minutes or less
  • FAR based: episodes include “FAR Time” to identify applicable FAR references
  • Focused: episodes detail a specific topic at the ground level (at the contract level)
  • Accessible: episodes are available on-demand through your favorite podcast app
  • Credible: episodes are led by former contracting officers
  • High Quality: professionally recorded and edited episodes (click link for examples:
  • Current: episodes include practical, real-world, and current examples
  • Contextual: episodes include government and contractor/industry point of view
  • Diverse: searchable library of episodes on a wide variety of topics in GovCon
  • Cumulative: license includes a new episode weekly
  • Proven: thousands of acquisition professionals already use the podcast for training
  • Tailored: tailored curriculum of playlists is available based on your agency’s needs
  • Interactive: license holders use the Podcast 2.0 Forum to review episode notes and post questions to our team of former Contracting Officers about the episodes