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Access to Skyway’s team of contracting officers.  Responding to a “less the stellar” CPAR?  Looking for proposal color team reviewers who used to buy what you sell?  Confused by what a solicitation is really asking for?  Not sure what questions to ask or how to get the most useful information from a debriefing?  Need advice on whether a protest is in your best interest?  Or just need contract administration support? Our team of contracting officers is on call to support you. 


We’ll come to you even if only virtually!  Skyway provides training for groups of all sizes.  We offer our standard GovCon Fundamentals certification program through online classes or in person seminars.  Custom training on any GovCon topic is also available.  Just contact us for details and scheduling.

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GovCon Fundamentals Course

Skyway Community

Whether you’re new to GovCon, just won your first contracts, or are already a successful government contractor, becoming a Skyway Community member gives you the edge.  The Skyway Community is the essential resource for anyone at any stage of starting, running, and growing a business in the GovCon world.  Access to extensive tools and training as well as our team of contracting officers.   Premium memberships include monthly consulting hours, available to all members on an hourly basis. 

Independent Monitor

Skyway’s team of contracting officers provides fair and objective oversight in the independent monitor role.  We oversee, on behalf of the Government, a company’s progress in implementing and achieving compliance with the commitments required by an Administrative Agreement or Consent Decree.  Skyway actively monitors and reviews the effectiveness of the monitored company’s action, policies, and procedures and makes recommendations to address issues of concern – reporting the results to the Government on a routine basis.