Time Zone™ Training Courses

Skyway’s Time Zone™ courses are for both buyers and sellers. The Time Zone framework guides students to understand the buying process, from the buyer’s point of view.

These time zones apply to every acquisition, large and small, and every acquisition strategy (sole source to competitive to IDIQ). While students may take each course as a stand-alone session, we recommend taking them in sequential order in order to compound the benefit. Thousands of students and Contracting Officer Podcast listeners have already benefited from this framework.

Acquisition Time Zones

This course outlines a simple and effective framework of the Government’s acquisition process so that sellers understand what is happening with each of the 3 Decider groups throughout the acquisition process.

The GAS Gauge

This course provides a process to engage the government customer in each of the 3 Decider groups from their point of view, and during the Acquisition Time Zones they actually care.

The GovCon Cube

This course provides a simple framework to understand the critical elements of an executable contract. Students learn who provides input for each elements (which Deciders) and when decision for each element is made (which Time Zone). By understanding this framework, sellers can more quickly identify capture and information gaps…and understand the implication of those gaps.

Execution Time Zones

This course outlines the second half of the Time Zones…those AFTER contract award. From initial kick off through contract completion, this course describes the critical players and activities that ensure effective contract performance.

Learning Objectives

Get a baseline of government contracting from buyer’s point of view in order to 
  1. have meaningful and effective conversations with your government customer 
  2. influence further left of the RFP   
Understand the Acquisition Time Zones in order to  
  1. understand the government’s buying process 
  2. increase ability to impacts timeline to more accurately forecast opportunities 
  3. more effectively time communication to increase buyers’ receptivity 
  4. increase responsiveness from outbound leads by understanding buyers’ point of view 
  5. add contextual understanding of why government goes dark during specific times   
Learn the roles of the 3 Deciders and what each cares about in order to  
  1. know which Decider to talk to at which point in acquisition process (Acquisition Time Zones)   
  2. shape the sale to meet needs of all three Decider Groups   
  3. effectively move each Decider through the sales process 
  4. reduce the length of a sales cycle   
See GovCon from buyer’s point of view in order to:   
  1. better influence the government’s acquisition strategy to match yours preferred approach 
  2. decrease competition and increasing proposal win rate 
  3. understand why government choose acquisition path, and how to influence that choice  
  4. understand why and how contracting officers use competition rules (or not) 
  5. identify and communicate acquisition strategies that maximizes your strengths