The Contracting Officer’s Point of View Trainings

In every government contract, there are The Three Deciders™

  1. The Economic Decider, who has the money
  2. The Customer, who has the need
  3. The Contracting Officer, who decides how the acquisition will happen

The Contracting Officer’s Point of View trainings are all about how. How does the acquisition process happen after The Economic decider decides they want to fund it, and The Customer decides they want to use the funding to get the contract or support?

In these live sessions, Skyway’s President Kevin Jans covers a variety of topics related to Government Contracting from The Contracting Officer’s point of view, the one that you understand the least.

Next Session:

Topic: What gets in the way of Government & Industry communication?

Session 5 of 5: The GovCon Communication Matrix

When: TBD

Much ink has been spent on the importance of communication between government and industry (including by us at Skyway). The value of communication between buyer and seller is well documented.

Even with that, communication is not without peril, both perceived and real. Knowing there is value of doing something and having tactical steps to actually do it are two different things. The challenge is that even though we know communication is supposed to happen, we don’t have enough tactical steps to do it. In this series, Kevin Jans outlines specific actions to not only “improve” communication – but to actually HAVE communication between government and industry.

  • In Session 1 (Nov 2023), Kevin focused on the how why both government and industry don’t communicate well, and why they should.
  • In Session 2 (Dec 2023), Kevin outlined specific authorities and steps the government teams can take to use and improve communication.
  • In Session 3 (Jan 2024), Kevin will outline the specific steps the industry teams can take to use and improve communication.
  • In Session 4 (Feb 2024), Kevin will outline the GAS Gauge©: the specific stages of interest the buyer goes through before contract award.
  • In Session 5 (April 2024), Kevin will outline a strategic framework (the GovCon Communication Matrix) that ties these elements together.

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