The Contracting Officer’s Point of View Trainings

In every government contract, there are The Three Deciders™

  1. The Economic Decider, who has the money
  2. The Customer, who has the need
  3. The Contracting Officer, who decides how the acquisition will happen

The Contracting Officer’s Point of View trainings are all about how. How does the acquisition process happen after The Economic decider decides they want to fund it, and The Customer decides they want to use the funding to get the contract or support?

In these live sessions, Skyway’s President Kevin Jans covers a variety of topics related to Government Contracting from The Contracting Officer’s point of view, the one that you understand the least.

Next Session:

Topic: Building a Contract

When: Friday, September 22nd at 1:00pm ET

If we don’t know how something works, we won’t be able to fix it when it breaks.

Getting the contract in place is one thing, but maintaining it requires an understanding of how the parts work together.

In this session, Kevin uses the analogy of maintaining a house to illustrate how contract elements work together to deliver an outcome for the government customer. It is critical to ensure the contract delivers the intended transfer of value (outcome to the government customer and payment, to the contractor).

Join us to learn more and level up your GovCon skills!

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