The 3 Deciders and Process to Relationship Ratio© (PRR) – This course explains who the players are in a government acquisition so that sellers understand what each group cares about, why they care, and in what ratios.



The Acquisition Time Zones® This course outlines a simple and effective framework of the Government’s acquisition process so that sellers understand what is happening with each of the 3 Decider groups throughout the acquisition process.



The Technical Sale vs The Business Sale – The Technical Sale is getting the government customer to say “yes”. The Business Sale is turning that “yes” into a contract. This session explains that interaction and application of both.

The GAS Gauge© This course provides a process to engage the government customer in each of the 3 Decider groups from their point of view and during the Acquisition Time Zones in which they are more likely to listen.


The Government Acquisition Cube©This course provides a simple framework to understand the critical elements of an executable contract. Students learn who provides input for each element (which Deciders) and when decision for each element is made (which Time Zone). By understanding this framework, sellers can more quickly identify capture and information gaps…and understand the implication of those gaps.

The Few FAR Parts – The Federal Acquisition Regulations are enormous and numerous. The good news is that you don’t have to know the whole FAR. This session explains those most critical parts of the FAR, why they matter, and how they interact.

Keystone Choice – Contracting Officers often must make many determinations and decisions throughout the buying process. This session explains the few key choices that drive the many other choices that lead to you winning, or not.


Knowing the Contracting Officer – The Contracting Officer is one of the Three Deciders in any sale. This session explains how they operate, what they think, and how they navigate the process to award.

*Other courses include: Paths of Least Resistance, FAR Review and acquisition.gov, Contracting Officers’ Perspective on Buying SaaS, Fall Out Money, Bona Fide Need, and more…