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Long Term Contract Pricing

In today's government contracting world, long term contracts are widespread. Given the length and complexity of the source selection process, many agencies will opt for long term contracts to reduce the burden on their contract office resources. As a contracting officer, I have used long term contracts for both services and hardware acquisitions. I do [...]

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JEDI Protest

No, this blog is not about Star Wars and the cute new toy Yoda.  JEDI is the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract potentially worth $10 billion over 10 years, awarded to Microsoft to provide cloud services to the DoD.  There currently are two cases in the Court of Federal claims concerning this acquisition.  Oracle [...]

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National Stock Numbers

A couple of Skyway members have had questions about what a National Stock Number (NSN) is and how to get one.   The NSN is a stock number that is assigned to items that are going to be stocked in the DoD supply system.  Beans to bullets are assigned NSNs for inventory tracking purposes.  To understand [...]

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There is No “One Way” To Do This

Recently some of the Skyway members commented that in the forum, there sometimes seemed to be conflicting answers from the former contracting officers who work for Skyway.  I’ve found that, after working for at least 4 different government agencies, no one does it the same way!  I know that can be confusing at times, but [...]

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